Market Intelligence

We provide vital, key information on your target markets by integrating all aspects of this intelligence, such as market research, creation of data bases, phone calls, delivering catalogues, customer management, making appointments, etc., we foster your commercial relations.

  • How to choose a market? Which markets should you be concentrating on based on your profile and requirements?
  • In a few days, we will present you a number of alternatives and provide you with all the arguments that led us to our conclusions and the information, statistics and numbers that we used in our decision making process.
  • Screened contact information: potential distributors, importers or agents and suppliers in accordance with the previously defined profiles.
  • Bespoke market studies and research designed to meet your requirements.
  • Standard market studies: define your target countries and industries and we can provide you with published statistics. Very often this information can be obtained free of charge.
  • What do you want to know about your competition? Marketing Minds, International Trade Professionals, will furnish all those details you have always wanted to know about your competitors: prices, dealers, end customers, etc.