Search of partners

Finding distributors, importers or agents, new suppliers or final customers.

Selecting the overseas partner who is right for you, is a crucial element when it comes to market penetration, marketing of your products or services and to guarantee a stable, well-managed presence overseas. The search for this key player in your organisation can be, and usually is a tedious, drawn out process.

At Marketing Minds, International Trade Professionals, our mission is to take on this burden, it is our job to find
the ideal partner for you, be it a distributor or agent, end customer, etc. We provide a short-list of candidates from which you select the most suitable to your needs.

Our systematic approach guarantees optimum results:

  • The first step is to agree a detailed profile of the figure you require.
  • Using this profile, we make a systematic search in the market for potential candidates and contact them on your behalf.
  • These contacts, are used to filter out companies that do not match the profile. Those that do are then contacted with a view to obtaining further information on their activities, finances, references, etc.
  • The final stage is to pinpoint those companies that, not only fit the profile, but that have also expressed a specific interest in both your products and the company itself. Thus your bespoke short-list only contains highly qualified candidates.
  • As required, we can also provide you with or review distributor/agent agreements.
  • We can also provide support and advice during the whole negotiation process, including, if you so wish, a Marketing Minds consultant present at meetings and negotiations.